Jonathan's Friends, a classic tale about childhood belief in fantasy, plus four thumbnails of new manuscripts written and illustrated for various ages, currently in production or submission. 



Jonathan believes; his brother doesn’t.

A classic tale of childhood and imagination. Resolves with all the make-believe creatures gathering to show Jonathan the truth about the fun of childhood. Fun all year long - especially good reading during the holidays.


Ages 3 to 8 -

 Putnam NYC, 1977 - Out of print.


Hard-back copies from the author's collection (Dust jackets damaged)

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In the big city of Bigbottom-Buttonburg, buttons are very important. The people eat too much, and their buttons pop off. They have to buy more and more buttons. One day a tiny button store appears. It is run by strange, wonderful children. They carve and sell special buttons that don’t pop off. The people are happy, and no longer eat too much.


Ages 3 to 8- Picture Book

(In submission-

Manuscript and thumbnail illustrations available to agents and editors)





Evie is fascinated: What is the loudest sound of all? She considers a singing dog, a circus train, a raging snowstorm, a waterfall of marbles, and many other things. She finally  decides it is her baby sister, Betty Jean, screaming for ice cream.


Ages 4 to 9 - Picture Book

(In submission - Manuscript and thumbnail illustrations available to agents and editors)




Fa, a highly gifted cat, takes his poor young owner Kareem from the slums of Detroit on a magical trip to Egypt, and far back in time.

Extraordinary, frightening adventures await them, and in the end, thanks to the boy’s bravery, a new life becomes available to the boy and his mother.


Ages 6 to 11-

(A Novella - In Submission - manuscript and rough illustrations available to agents and editors)





One night in storm-lashed mountains, a young girl is rescued from a train wreck by an old gypsy.

He also saves her father’s violin. The gypsy teaches the girl to play gypsy fiddle. She becomes an outstanding player, but some of the gypsies are jealous of her. She is adopted by the president of a nearby town’s bank. They are happy, but the violin is famous, and an outlaw gypsy steals it and sets fire to their house.  Her foster father  is killed. The girl finds out who stole her violin. Amidst numerous dangers, she tracks him far up into the mountains. A young man is dying of fever in a cabin. She nurses him back to health, they recover the violin, and fall in love.


(A YA novella - In production -manuscript available to agents and editors)


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